Reoccurring Raccoons

I have a reoccurring raccoon problem, and not one where every couple of days I’m seeing a raccoon in my backyard; don’t get me wrong that’s happening too but this is worse.  I don’t know how and I don’t know why but for the last three years raccoons have been finding ways to break into my attic.  Maybe it’s the same raccoons maybe it isn’t, all I know is we have trapped and removed them countless times.  All in all, I just want this problem to be over with.

The first raccoon wasn’t that big of a deal, I was 26 and had just moved into my first home which (as I’m sure you can imagine) needed some work – okay it needed a lot of work.  The raccoons that were occupying the attic then had been there before I moved in, so I just put it on the to-do list and took care of it as soon as I could.  That was actually the longest I went without a raccoon problem, but the next year it happened again.  This didn’t make any sense to me, we had closed up the entrance that we thought the other raccoons made and yet there were three more raccoons, casually nesting in the insulation.

This became sort of a dance after a while.  I’d find the usual evidence of a break in: holes in the wall, ripped up insulation and plastic, and chewed up wood; scratching, footsteps, chewing, and thumping; and a very familiar odor would waft through the house.  Then I’d call Dave (a trapper in town) and he’d come set up however many traps, leave, come back the next day and take the raccoons that had been caught.  After all the animals were trapped, we would close off the entrance and call it a day.  A few months will go by and then the process repeats itself.  This has happened, in total, six times; I CAN’T AFFORD IT ANYMORE.  No offense to Dave, but I need some serious help.  This is worse than a bad dream you can’t wake up from, it’s a bad dream that you have every night for a week every couple of months and it never seems to stop.  Can someone please just help me with my raccoon problem?

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