Raccoon on the Roof

As much as I love to chase balls, playing with the raccoon on the roof was much more fun. Hi, my name is Trigger. I’m a four year old yellow lab and I love, love, love chasing animals, almost as much as playing with my human, Carson. Ever since my family moved to Huntsville, Utah, I’ve had all the animals you could dream of chasing. Mice, deer, cats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and even cars (but I don’t know if those count as animals), my mom always yells at me to leave them alone, but I know she really appreciates when I keep them far away from Carson and our house. Dad sometimes takes me on special trips where all I do is chase ducks and bring them to him, those are my favorite days, but the day I chased the raccoon on the roof was one of my favorites.
It was just a regular night, mom and dad were asleep and I was laying at the bottom of the bed keeping watch, that’s when I heard the black-masked bandit sneaking around. I warned my parent’s with a loud ‘WOOF’ and ran outside to investigate further. What I found was unbelievable! The raccoon was trying to get off of the roof! No way was I going to let that happen, dad would be very disappointed if I let it get away without paying its penance for disturbing my watch. I jumped up on the wall and barked as loud as I could at it, he tried to escape to the other side of the house but I met him there, still howling and snarling. As he ran from one side to the other, I followed close behind, running laps around the house. I could have been Usain Bolt I was moving so fast!
Eventually mom and dad came to make sure I was okay, they told me I was a good boy and brought me inside, dad took care of the raccoon on the roof while I was rewarded for my bravery. Although it wasn’t chasing ducks with dad or mice with Carson, it was the best day because I protected my family and saved them from disaster. Never again will any creature mess with Trigger, they know how tough I am, but secretly I’ll miss the little guy, I’ve never done something quite as bold as rescuing my family from the raccoon on the roof, yet.

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