Porcupine in Playhouse

Porcupine        Our new neighbors are moving in today, finally!  The old neighbors were nice enough, but they moved away over a month ago, and it took a while to get their house under contract.  The new family looks nice enough, two daughters probably between 9 and 11 years old and their parents look a bit frazzled from moving but also a little relieved.  They have movers helping them, so I’m chilling some cold drinks for them all and making cookies.  Nice to have a bit of a warm welcome, right?

I see the girls are exploring around the back yard, and are especially drawn to the playhouse the previous owners included in the sale of the home.  That’s nice.  It makes me happy to know someone will enjoy that home and breathe some new life into this part of the street.

After a couple of hours of work, Mom’s going out back to check on the girls.  She seems like an excellent mother.  I bet they’re a happy family.

What’s that screaming?!  I can’t hardly see much from my back window, but I hope no one’s hurt!  Maybe if I put down this plate of cookies, and go to the upstairs window, I could see better.

A porcupine?!  They have a porcupine in the playhouse!  I see the girls aren’t hurt.  How long were they in the playhouse with the porcupine?  I hope they didn’t get too close to it.  I know that porcupines can’t throw their quills, but they can release them into whatever or whoever is trying to hold them.  I guess the girls weren’t too scared by the porcupine in the playhouse, but their mother is sure upset.  No, it doesn’t look like she was hurt, either.

A porcupine in that wooden playhouse would explain the hole in the door that looks like it’s been chewed up a bit.  I know porcupines like to chew on wood and other things.  I wonder if it destroyed anything inside.  Probably so.  The porcupine probably soiled the playhouse, too.  I’m certainly glad I don’t have to clean that up.

I can see Dad trying to get the movers to help him get the porcupine out of the playhouse, but they don’t look too eager to help out.  I even think they’re moving boxes and furniture in faster than before.  Maybe they want to finish up and get out of here quickly.

Well, the first batch of cookies are cooled.  Maybe I’ll take them over and bring the phone number for Allstate Animal Control.  That company helped me out when I had a raccoon problem, so they’ll be good to get that porcupine out of the playhouse.  Poor dears.  What a terrible shock to move in and find a wild animal problem right away.

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