Million Dollar Raccoon Den

My boss and I went up to Heber City, Utah to do a raccoon job. This raccoon was getting in the attic and had babies as well with it. As we drove up to the site, we saw a big raccoon mother running across the yard and shimmy its way up a wooden post of the house and into an opening of the roof. It was my first time ever seeing a raccoon actually go into a house. We then knew immediately where the problem area was and where to treat.

As we got out of the truck and walked over to the hole in the roof, we shined our flashlight into the hole and back at us were two, big, glowing eyeballs of the raccoon. If she wanted to, she easily could have attacked us, but being the protective raccoon she was, she backed into her den to guard her young babies.

Not only had she ripped out an area on the east side of the home, but also on the west side on the metal siding overhang. Note: sometimes, raccoons have more than one entrance or a secondary entrance. We could hear trumping on the metal porch soffit above our heads, so we knew exactly where she was nesting at with her young. It was a cool experience. After one week of trapping, we were able to remove the mother and young successfully.

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