Mice Phobia

The fear of mice is a very common phobia known as musophobia or miceaphobia, people who deal with this fear can experience anything as small as a start, or as detrimental as full blown anxiety attacks and, as a psychotherapist, it’s a phobia I encounter quite often. I also work from my home so that clients are more comfortable opening up to me, hopefully you understand where I’m getting with this. A few weeks ago I discovered my dog, Ruger, barking and scratching at my dishwasher of all things, it was odd behavior but I just brushed it off; until I opened the pantry door and a mouse ran across my foot right underneath my stove! I cannot afford to have the nasty, little creatures running wild in my home, especially if I’m in a session with someone who suffers from musophobia!
I took action immediately, I laid traps in the pantry, behind the dishwasher, and underneath the stove, and even laid poison outside (in places my dog couldn’t get to it). I took every precaution I knew to take, but last week I found another mouse in my food storage, perfectly content and snacking on a Hershey’s Almond Chocolate bar. I tried to catch it but the darn thing was too quick, there was no way I could grab it, so more traps were bought and set up. I thought I had it under control until, DURING A SESSION, one of the little rodents ran right through my office. Luckily my patient wasn’t particularly afraid of mice, but it did give us both a start. After that I called in the professionals, I just couldn’t risk it any longer.
Now these guys were fast, they were at my house three days after I called, and they could have been the ghostbusters with all the gear they had ready for me. They set up nine traps total, seven in my house and two in my garage, placed kill boxes (small poison boxes) outside to stop them before they could run in, and they sealed up any hole the mice had chewed in the wall so they couldn’t keep sneaking their little butts around. We’ve already caught two and it’s a huge relief for me. Now any client in my home, with a mice phobia or not, won’t have to ever see them again.

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