Living in Fear

I am literally on the verge of moving into a different house.  There are raccoons in the ceiling of my split level home, and they are pushing me to my limits.  Before they got into my house I would occasionally see them outside, sometimes even running across the roof. They are huge animals, I don’t have the slightest idea how they got into the ceiling.  There aren’t any gaps that big, I checked; but since they’ve gotten up there they have caused me nothing but anxiety and problems.

At first they just ran around and you could hear them skittering and chirping, and it was only a mild problem; definitely something I could deal with.  Then one day my front porch light stopped working, I changed the bulb but nothing happened, I checked the cord and it had been completely chewed through.  I let that go, I could live without a porch light.  Then things went from bad, to worse.  Urine stains started showing up on the ceilings in multiple rooms, not only was the smell bad but the ceiling material was starting to rot and crack.

After the urine stains, my raccoon problem got unforeseeably worse: THEY CHEWED THROUGH MY AC AND HEATING SYSTEM! It was completely destroyed, beyond repair, I couldn’t believe it.  I was tearing out my hair and picking at my skin, constantly on edge, and then a raccoon nearly fell into my lap!!  The raccoon had been standing on the vent just above me and another raccoon put weight on it and it fell open! The one fell, looked me in the eyes and ran rampant through the house until I could get it outside.  I’m at my wits end, I’ve become superstitious and am always looking over my shoulder and flinching at every sound, I can’t keep living like this. The raccoons in my ceiling are about to run my out of my own house – I need help or I need a realtor.

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