Legion of the Undead

My landlord is a vampire.  There’s no other reason he would ignore so many bats in the walls for so long; they must be his relatives.  But seriously, we have been renting this house for two years with an ongoing bat problem and have still received NO help from Mr. Dracula whatsoever. How could anyone in their right mind let people live like this!  We’ve complained and called and asked for help countless times, but he will either ignore the calls, the question, or just us completely! I don’t know how to deal with it anymore, it’s worse than it has ever been and our landlord is much farther than “a phone call away”!

They’re in the walls on both sides of the house, and I’m pretty sure they come in and out from the air vents, but I read somewhere that they need just a ¼ of an inch to get inside so I guess it could be anywhere.  You can hear them leave the house at night, and it can be terrifying when you aren’t used to it.  There’s screeching and fluttering and it lasts for a good 10-15 minutes and then in a couple of hours as they all come back it happens again!  In the morning the front step will be covered in bat guano and we’ve even found dead bats in the past. Not to mention that you can smell them from the inside of the house (the chimney is the worst).

I know you’re probably wondering why we haven’t just moved yet, found a different house or even an apartment; why would we live in a bat cave?  Trust me, we are looking for houses and are planning to leave the second our lease is up, but we really don’t want to leave this for the next family.  I have three kids that are terrified by the bats in the house and will sometimes go stay at grandmas to get away from it; I’m even scared by the problem.  I’m hoping I can make the overlord, excuse me, LANDlord address the problem before it becomes someone else’s. No one deserves to sign up for Dracula’s army unknowingly.

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