L.L. Trapster’s Adventures: The Mangy Raccoon

This, as you probably guessed, is the story of a mangy raccoon that was found at a job site. Now, if you’ve met L.L. Trapster, you know that she is an animal trapping prodigy (and I’d been keeping her behind a desk for months), but a few weeks ago, out on a gopher/mice/vole job, she used her trapping skills and discovered something much bigger. A very mangy raccoon that had taken refuge underneath a trampoline. I know what you’re thinking, it probably wasn’t that sick, but just affected by the huge, black, sun disk that was baking it alive, but sir it most definitely was VERY SICK.
When you picture mange, you probably picture something like a drunken man; well, you wouldn’t be far off. Animals with mange can be identified by the typical patchy, red, exposed skin you can see on their neck, ears, face, and body; a slow, zombie like movement, and extreme tiredness and dehydration. Luckily for us, this coon had stumbled right into a trap so no one came in contact with it, but it did need to be taken care of, and L.L. Trapster was the perfect woman for the job. Without a moment’s hesitation, she had killed herself her first raccoon and was playing a real-life claw machine, trying to pick it up from the giant hole in the ground underneath the trampoline.
After we finally pulled it out, it was all up to her. I like to say that working with L.L. Trapster is a point-and-click job; we get to a site, I point at what needs to be done, and she does it (it’s really lightened my load!). Back to the story, I pointed out some trash bags and she knew exactly what needed to be done; before I knew it she had the diseased raccoon stuffed in a black bag ready to go. Finishing up the job we were originally there to do, Lauralee and I got ready to dispose of the dead animal sitting in the back of the pickup. First things first, we had to freeze it, this kills the smell and some of the disease, then haul it off to the burn pit and fry whatever was left to stop the spread of disease. Short and sweet, just like L.L. Trapster, that’s the story of the mangy raccoon.

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