Dead Rats and HVAC’s

Have you ever had the smell of dead rat blown through your house by the air-conditioning?  It’s an eye-opening experience I’ll tell you that much, and stressful; and now that I think about it, it really sucks.  About a month ago while I was cooking dinner, I watched two rats run right across my kitchen floor into my pantry!  I couldn’t believe my eyes but my small Chihuahua chased after them so I knew that he’d seen it too.  Rats? In my apartment? Like there was any chance in the world I would let that go on without intervening.

I set out poison knowing fully well that the animals would likely carry it off to their nest with whatever other scraps it had picked up and probably wouldn’t eat it right away.  At the time that seemed like the best idea in the world! Why would I care about ugly rats dead in their nest?  Well I’ll tell you why; because that mother stinking rats had chewed their way through the tubes in the HVAC and had made a nest in the wall.  Where they (maybe only one) died.  Last week.

Now not only do I have to worry about the fact that there are probably other rats roaming through the walls of my apartment, AND the apartments around mine, but I had to deal with the stench.  And it is putrid.  My landlord is a bum and no matter how many times I’ve complained he just tells me to deal with it.  What a swell guy, right?  Poison is out of the question for the other rats, and I don’t qualify as a trapper, so I’m open for ideas.  Possibly something to stop the scent and maybe a trap for the other rats?  I just can’t live with the terrible smell of dead rat or the idea of them gnawing on my toes as I sleep, any longer.  I’m even thinking about just moving out!

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