Cats Gone Wild

I always knew my grandmother had a big heart, but I never knew she’d let 6 stray cats live in her house!  We recently lost my 86 year old grandmother to a stroke, it was hard but we gathered together to go through old family treasures at her house and find old pictures for the funeral.  We were prepared to find some weird things, my grandma was a “collector” after all, but when we walked in and were met by the stench of urine and the meowing of several cats, we were all stunned!

Old Grandma Nan had always taken in the needy.  She adopted two of her six children and often let their friends stay at the house when needed.  She was known to buy frequent fliers new coats, shoes, and school supplies since their families didn’t always have much.  Two things you could count on at Nan’s house were a warm bed and a hot meal, no matter who you were.  Well, apparently that’s just what she gave to these stray cats.  She had bags of cat food in the closet and enough milk to serve the army, and newspapers laid on the basement floor for them.

Since anything even slightly usable in the house smelled like cat pee, we salvaged what little we could and instead visited the aunts for some of grandma’s memorabilia.  After all was said and done, we still had the house.  It was paid off long before so it was ours to pass off to whoever would take it, and I took it.  My husband and I are now busy tearing out the carpeting and staining the wood walls, but even with all the renovation in the world, nothing will stay nice without getting rid of these darn stray cats.  As much as my grandma would hate me getting rid of them, they’ve got to go.

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