Animals in the Chimney

About a month ago, I started hearing an animal in the chimney. At first I assumed it was just the old fireplace making noise, you know how things like that like to creak and groan; but after a while it started to become more frequent. Now, instead of just a clang and a whisper here and there, I hear constant movement and tiny mews. I think there might be baby raccoons in there, but to tell you the truth I didn’t know there were raccoons anywhere near my house! Living in the city does have its perks when it comes to wild animals; unlike my dearest country-goer friends who constantly deal with things like this, I only have the occasional issue.
Well it seems like my years of luck with critters has come to a draw, because I am almost positive there’s a nest sitting right on the inside of my chimney, I assume the animal is a raccoon because I’m not sure what more it could be! Birds can’t just fly out of a space like that and I haven’t smelled anything that would suggest it’s a skunk, can they even climb into a chimney? Not to mention I haven’t heard any crazy banging and clanging that might say a squirrel or something is in there. What other animal could it be than the great, ring-tailed bandit?
So now the question is, how do I get them out? I live in Utah and the winters here can get unbelievably cold, and I’m going to have to start a fire eventually. I don’t want to light them on fire (especially if there are babies!) or do anything that would harm the little family, but I can’t let them stay! I want to call a trapper but I don’t even know how much that would cost, but really it looks like my best option. I have no idea how else to take care of the wild animals in my chimney!

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