A Streak of Bad Luck

The last couple of months haven’t been the best for my family, and to tie a bow on the already poor situation, we just discovered bats in the attic of our house.  It’s like one bad thing just followed the first and they piled onto each other until it hit rock bottom.  It was like a crazy chain reaction, one bad thing would happen and then another bad thing would follow and another after that.  The worst case of the domino effect that I have ever experienced, and I used to think dominoes were incredible.

To start off my bad luck, a rain storm hit and blew branches, and garbage, and all sorts of things across my roof and knocking shingles off, causing leaks.  Then, my sister discovered mold in her apartment and moved into my house temporarily; since she had to take everything that wasn’t infected with her, we had to move all of her things into the attic.  To follow that, one of the leaks from the rainstorm had caused some rotting to the wood in the attic which my husband stepped on and fell through while moving my sister’s things; the area was right over the car port which then meant that we had a gaping hole that led right into the attic. Cue the bats in the attic.

While a roofing contractor was looking at the damage to the car port, she noticed a strong smell and small black dots along the floor so she called a friend to confirm her suspicions. We had an infestation of about 40-50 bats in our attic.  For the last month and a half we have been practically living in a construction zone with everything that is going on around us.  All I know is that after all of this, I had better win the lottery or something.

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