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Professional Wildlife Trapping & Animal Control - Michigan

If you are experiencing wild bird, snake, or animal infestations in your home, at your business, or on your personal property in the state of Michigan, we will provide you with professional trapping and pest wildlife removal services.

When you have a conflict with wildlife in your home or on your property, our Michigan wildlife professionals throughout the state are experienced at taking care of the animals humanely and in accordance with local and state laws. They are trained and experienced with the behaviors and traits of each animal, take care of the problem animals humanely, and know the laws governing nuisance wildlife removal in your area. We are a full-service network: we trap or remove the animals from your property, clean up and sanitize, repair the areas of the building where the animal damaged it, and install blockers if necessary to prevent animals from coming back into your home the same way. Your life goes back to normal.

Your wildlife technician will take care of wild animals that damage your home and property, threaten you, your children or your pets, and bring disease and parasites into your home, such as: raccoons, bats, pigeons, skunks, swallows, woodpeckers, voles, rats, gophers, squirrels, moles, beavers, armadillos, chipmunks, mice, snakes, opossums, feral cats, porcupines, rabbits and honeybees. The professional who services your project specializes in removing wild animals. We do not exterminate bugs, remove pets or go after large game animals. We are the ones you want to call to protect you, your home, your lawn and your property from nuisance wildlife.

For a solution to your Michigan wild animal problem, please click on your city or county on the above map, or select from the list of cities and counties in the right-hand column. This will allow you to locate our network’s trained wildlife control technician closest to your area. Our wild animal control experts can deal with any wildlife situation you may experience.

Our Professionals Trappers listed on this site can handle animals in your attic, such as squirrels or a mother raccoon with a litter of babies. We also deal with nuisance wildlife such as pigeons, skunks and bats. If you have lawn-destroying critters such as gophers or moles tearing up your garden or landscaping, we can take care of that, too.

We witness daily how wildlife can destroy soffits, vents, screens and wiring. We know from firsthand experience that animals do significant damage by urine, by fecal matter deposits, and by the insect pests that they bring to your home. There are many species of wild animals living in Michigan, some of which are dangerous or even poisonous. Give us a call; we can arrange an inspection and a service call to remove all wildlife animals safely and humanely. We also offer repairs, decontamination services and service contracts.

We solve all kinds of Michigan wildlife problems.

  • We provide wildlife removal by experienced professional trappers.
  • We offer decontamination, repairs and odor control.
  • Prevent wild animals from further damaging your property.
  • Use our Michigan map directory to locate a professional in the city or county nearest you.
Bordering Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Superior, Michigan has more shoreline than any other state except Alaska, and with more than 11,000 inland lakes and 36,000 miles of streams, Michigan has an amazing variety of wildlife habitats. Michigan habitats include sandy beaches, woodlands, savannas, prairies, rich agricultural land, and wetlands. Although The Wolverine State does not have any more wolverines, it is home to a wide variety of wild animals. Of course, it is always more enjoyable to observe wild animals when they are not threatening you or your home, destroying your property, nesting in your space, and creating a hazard for your home and work.

Of the nine species of Michigan bats, the most common are the little brown bat and the big brown bat, found throughout the entire state. In late spring and summer, pregnant little brown bats and big brown bats form nursery colonies in warm places like your attic, barn or other outbuildings. Bats can hole up in your walls, brick areas, attics, crawlspaces or any overhang area. While Michigan bats are not particularly large or vicious, they can carry rabies, harmful parasites, and their bat guano can cause respiratory diseases in humans. Your wildlife removal specialist knows all the laws regulating removal of Michigan bats and has the expertise to legally and safely remove bats from off of your property, and clean the biohazard waste they leave behind.

Roosting birds, such as the Michigan pigeon or the Michigan sparrow, are also common throughout the state. The Michigan sparrow will build its nest under any overhang area, such as over a porch, doorway, in a barn or other outbuildings. Its nest and droppings stain the sides of buildings and it is filthy with bugs and parasites. The Michigan pigeon is also a breeding ground for parasites and insects, and its droppings are highly corrosive. Pigeon guano contains high amounts of uric acid, which causes millions of dollars of damage each year as it eats through concrete, canvas awnings, signs, painted surfaces and causes metals to rust faster. The tragedy of the 2007 Minnesota bridge accident has been attributed to pigeon guano weakening the metal joints to the point of collapse. Your wildlife removal professional not only removes the birds, but will also remove the nest, any carcasses, and will clean and sanitize the site.

Michigan mice are a common problem in households, agricultural properties, recreational facilities and commercial properties throughout the state. It is estimated that a Michigan mouse contaminates ten times the amount of food it actually consumes, but its fecal matter and urine contaminate personal property as well as food. It is a carrier of parasites and insects, and can transmit diseases such as meningitis, dermatitis, Rickettsial pox, Ray fungus, tapeworm, and ringworm. Your nuisance wildlife technician is an expert at removing mice from out of your property and cleaning the biohazard they leave behind.

Other common Michigan nuisance wildlife are Michigan raccoons, squirrels, rats, voles, gophers, opossum, beavers or moles. Each species, when it comes into conflict with humans, can destroy property, introduce disease or parasites to you or your pets, cause costly damage to your yard or landscaping, or even create fire hazards. When they are allowed to live and breed in your home, yard or commercial property, they can attract even more wild life. It is important to contact us as soon as you have a nuisance wildlife animal in and around your property. Your wildlife removal technician has the skill and expertise to take care of the problem animals, repair damage they caused to your property, and sanitize and deodorize the area so you can go back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Information on the State of Michigan: Michigan includes 56,954 square miles of land area; 1,194 square miles of inland waters; and 38,575 square miles of Great Lakes water area. It is the 11th biggest state and the 8th most populous. Major Rivers found in Michigan are the Detroit River, Grand River, Kalamazoo River, St. Clair River and the St. Mary

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