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Trapping and Removal Pricing

Prices for trapping and removal services vary greatly. Location, proximity to a technician, type of animal, and the severity and complexity of the problem are all factors in the price of service. We will let you know the cost of inspection at the time of your order. Special discounts are available for seniors and disabled individuals. Financial hardship assistance may be available.

We recommend you start with a job site inspection/evaluation to decide on the best course of action. For the fastest scheduling, call us at 1-888-488-7720. Or click the red button in the top right corner of your screen for a FREE rate quote.

Before you call, please consider the following questions as they relate to your wildlife problem:

  1. What kind of animal is it?
  2. Where is it getting in?
  3. How long have you been aware of the problem?
  4. Have you heard any sounds of baby animals?
  5. Is there a smell of death, urine or fecal matter?
  6. Has anyone in your household become sick or experienced increased allergies?
  7. Have you noticed any unusual insects (maggots, flies, mites, ticks)?
  8. Has anyone been threatened or attacked by the animal?
  9. Have you tried to deal with the animal yourself? In what way?
  10. Has a professional attempted to deal with the problem?
  11. What damage has occurred so far?
  12. Do you have digital pictures of the animal, infestation location, or damage that you could email to us?
  13. Can you approximate the cost of the present damage?
  14. Is this problem causing you worry or lack of sleep?
  15. Would you rate the problem as mild, moderate or extreme?

To quickly get your project started, or for emergency service, call us immediately with the answers to the above questions. Your answers to these questions will help us to determine the severity of your specific wildlife problem and how best to approach it. For the fastest scheduling, please call us at:1-888-488-7720

You may also email your answers and pictures to us at:

When you call, we will give you a FREE rate quote for a wildlife control inspection/evaluation. At the time of inspection the technician will give you a quote for your wildlife removal project, and you may enter into a contract with the technician at that time if you choose. If you choose not to accept the contract, you are still obligated to pay the inspection fee.


-additional service calls -disinfectants
-additional time -odor control
-animals removed -block-out
-products or traps used -dead animal removal
-cleanup -reconstruction

Project Coaching:

For the do-it-yourselfers- Project Coaching is also available. Simply call to receive private instructions, and upon your purchase we will ship the needed trapping accessories. Prices vary. This option requires that you submit digital pictures of your problem via e-mail.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, corporate purchase orders, and may also accept cash on arrival. All inspections must be pre-paid.

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Special pricing available for Pest Control companies.

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