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North American armadillos are interesting looking little creatures, with rabbit-like ears and covered with nine bands of armored plates. They are non-aggressive and in most cases will simply run away when they feel threatened. Most people who have encountered these animals report that the creature pretty much ignored them unless they did something overtly threatening to it.

Since armadillos are not vicious, why would anyone want to get rid of them?

What damage will they do?

  • Numerous holesThese animals have sharp, strong claws and strong legs; both of these things make them very good diggers. As it digs for bugs and grubs, it will leave numerous holes all across your lawn. These holes, which are approximately 3-5 inches across, leave the terrain uneven and unsightly.

  • BurrowsAn armadillo burrow can damage sidewalks, driveways, sheds, foundations, and underground pipes. The worst (most expensive) damage is done when they burrow under sidewalks, sheds, or foundations, causing them to settle and shift. Their trenches can also break underground pipes.

  • Uprooted plants Their digging is disastrous to lawns, flowerbeds, gardens, and golf courses.

  • Tree root systems destroyed Trees are also victims because their root systems are often damaged by all the digging.

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Trapping armadillos is the best and most successful way to get rid of them.  It can be a bit tricky since there is no real effective armadillo bait. The most important factor in this process is the placement of the trap; if you understand the animal and its habits, you can set the trap in a place where it will walk right in.   Our professional wildlife control operators are well versed in animal behavior, and we know how to get rid of armadillos.

What attracts armadillos?Armadillos like soft soil that is easy to dig in and that is full of insects, grubs and earthworms.  They also feed on small invertebrates such as fleas and spiders that live underground, and are known to eat scorpions and berries. 

They like dense, shady cover and will inhabit brush, woodlands, forests, and areas near creeks and rivers.   They may dig out their burrows inside rock piles, stumps, thick brush, under a deck or in a crawlspace.  Sometimes our customers request armadillo removal because the animals take up residence in their crawlspaces and keep them awake at night by rubbing their shells against the house.

What health risks do they pose?

  • Rabies They can carry rabies, a progressive virus which paralyzes and can kill any mammal, including humans. Armadillos generally transmit rabies through biting. Since they rarely bite, contracting rabies from this animal is not as high a risk as contracting it from a raccoon, bat or skunk. Still, avoid contact with any wild animal.

  • Leprosy Armadillos are the only animals that can transmit leprosy. It is estimated that in some areas of the southern United States more than half of them carry leprosy. Symptoms of this disease include skin lesions, nerve damage, and numbness.

  • Tapeworms Tapeworms are parasites which can be transmitted to humans.

  • Salmonella People infected with salmonella bacteria can become seriously ill with diarrhea, vomiting, fever and chills. It is spread through the fecal matter of many animals.

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Prices will vary depending on the severity of the problem and on the time spent on the job. Remember, wild animals can be unpredictable. Every job is unique and our solution will be custom fit to your situation.  Check with your insurance for coverage.  Read more about this pest animal at our Armadillo FAQ.

We also offer expert coaching services for a fee, so you can do the job yourself. We can even ship the necessary traps, lures, etc. to you. We accept Visa and MasterCard. We also take purchase orders and cash.

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