Armadillo Bait

Armadillos primarily eat insects and larvae (grubs), also worms, spiders, scorpions and lizards.  However, using these things in a trap as armadillo bait is not necessary and may even cause problems because they may attract other animals.  Not to mention all the trouble of locating the live bait. 

One reason why "armadillo bait" may not be all that exciting to an armadillo is that they usually get their food from below ground.  They are not accustomed to walking along and picking something up to eat.  So laying some worms or grubs in a trap often does not do any good, and may do some harm if you attract other kinds of animals than the one you are trying to catch. 

The fact is, as far as animal trapping goes, these animals are on the easier end of the scale.  They are not exactly clever. The key to trapping one is not which armadillo bait you use, but where the trap is placed.  Traps should be placed near the den, or along a path the armadillos frequent.  They can be guided into the trap with low barriers. We have all the necessary equipment and know-how to do this for our customers.

Lastly, we do not recommend using overripe fruit as armadillo bait.  It does not work well, and increases the likelihood of catching a non-target animal, such as a raccoon or skunk.

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Trapping armadillos can be done safely and humanely.

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An armadillo trap is usually the best way to catch these unique animals.

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