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How to Get Rid of Voles During the Spring -Video

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How to get Rid of Voles During the Winter -Video

vole trails and holes

Our professionals offer complete vole removal.

vole holes and paths

Trapping voles is usually not very effective because the colonies are quite large.

springtime vole damage

Vole damage is often apparent in the spring, when snow melts away.

vole trails

Vole poison is very effective. We have a unique kill mixture for voles.

vole paths in grass

Vole trails look like a roadmap pressed into the grass.

How To Get Rid Of Voles

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Voles, or meadow mice, can devastate a lawn, golf course, or orchard seemingly overnight. These little rodents forage on greens aboveground, and also work belowground digging tunnels and chewing up roots. They eat bark from trees, leaving a bare ring around the base; a healthy tree can very quickly become ill or dead, and a destroyed root system can cause it to fall over unexpectedly. Meadow mouse damage can become serious, costly and extensive very quickly. You may have voles if:

  • trails run through the grass making your lawn looks like a road map

  • holes in the ground about the diameter of a broom handle

  • greenish vole droppings the size of mouse droppings (they turn gray with time)

  • flower bulbs are destroyed

  • trees show exposed rings around the bases where bark has been stripped off

  • vegetable garden devastated from the roots up

  • flowers and shrubs eaten away

  • you notice trails and holes throughout the lawn in springtime after the snow melts

Voles usually come to a property because of one thing: drought. They may have lived very contentedly in a wilderness area, but when water becomes scarce they evacuate the dry lands and head to suburbia where people regularly water their lawns and gardens. Lush, moist lawns provide roots, grass clippings, and everything they need to get by. Life is good here, so when the drought is over they have no reason to return home and they become permanent residents.

The most effective way to get rid of this destructive rodent is to use a vole poison . A few poisons are available for killing voles, but a federal controlled use pesticide license is required to purchase them; they are not available over the counter to the general public. Our experienced vole control operators have the most effective poisons available and know how to apply them safely. We also use habitat modification and barriers to limit the effects of vole infestation; for example, we have products designed to protect young trees from voles, and fencing to keep them out of gardens.

Vole traps are not an effective solution for large populations because the time and labor costs would be staggering. Since their colonies can be quite large, most of the time traps simply aren't practical.

Allstate Vole Control:

Meadow voles multiply very quickly, with females producing up to 70 offspring each year through multiple litters.  Colonies often number in the hundreds and even thousands. When they migrate, they are like a swarm of bees that settle into a neighborhood and get to work chewing away the landscaping. They are particularly attracted to low brush and lawns and gardens that are well watered; they also dig under cement pads. When winter hits, they simply go down a little deeper and keep on chewing. Some of the most severe damage occurs during the winter and is not even detected until snowmelt in the spring. If you suspect a problem, don't wait to begin vole removal. If you delay, you could sustain significant damage to your yard and exterior property.

To learn more read our Vole FAQ. If you like, send us 5 to 10 digital pictures of your pest animal problem, including runways and all affected areas, and we will evaluate the situation by phone for FREE and provide you with plan and a cost estimate for a complete solution. Prices will vary depending on the severity of the problem and on the time spent on the job. Remember, voles can be unpredictable animals. Every infestation is unique and our solution will be custom fit to your situation. Check with your insurance for coverage.

We also offer expert coaching services for a fee, so you can do the job yourself. We can even ship the necessary traps, lures, etc. to you.

For fastest service, call us: to schedule an inspection of your property . We can then evaluate the particulars of your case and provide a plan for complete animal control..

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vole paths and damage

Vole infestations can quickly take over a yard. Their colonies often number in the hundreds.

dead vole

Killing voles by poison is the most effective remedy.

vole holes

In addition to trails, voles leave small holes in the ground.

vole holes under wall

Vole trapping is only done for very small colonies.

vole holes under stone wall

Vole traps are effective, but usually the labor costs are prohibitive.

vole damage

Vole droppings are greenish, then fade to grey.

vole tree damage

Not only is your lawn in danger, but also trees.

vole paths

Vole trails are often shaped like a ree branch.

vole trails

Vole trails make beautiful lawns look unattractive.