Vole Poison

vole holes under a wall
Vole poison can be placed in holes and dens.

We use a specially formulated, 3-part mixture of vole poison to treat infestations.  Our vole poison is highly effective, much more so than trapping.  Some animals can be effectively trapped, but for voles poison is the only way to go.

Our wildlife control technicians place the vole poison in the rodents’ dens and holes.  Typically the voles will ingest the poison and then remain in their dens to die.  

Vole poisoning has several advantages over trapping:

  • there are no bodies to clean up and remove since they die underground,
  • there is no decomposition odor problem since they die underground,
  • it works well for colonies of any size,
  • it is much less labor intensive than trapping, particularly for large colonies.

Trapping works well and is even preferred for many other types of animals, but we always recommend vole poison to get rid of these rodents.  It is simply the easiest, cleanest, most effective method of vole control we know.