How To Get Rid of Armadillos

As professional wildlife control operators, we primarily rely on trapping as the best means for getting rid of armadillos.  Another method we use is called exclusion, or the use of barriers.  A third method that you could try is to eliminate the food supply, which means getting rid of grubs, earthworms, beetles, spiders, snakes, frogs, lizards, etc.


Trapping is useful because once the animal is caught, it can be removed from the site or euthanized or whatever is appropriate and legal for the particular location.  States, counties and sometimes cities have their own rules and regulations on what methods are appropriate to get rid of armadillos. Contact Us for particulars in your area.


Exclusion requires a lot more work than trapping, but it is an effective solution.  It is simply the use of fencing materials or other barriers to keep armadillos out of a particular area such as a yard or underneath a porch.  The fence must extend into the ground at least 18 inches; they are unlikely to dig deeper than that to get past the barrier. 

Eliminate Grubs and other food sources

There are many products available to control lawn grubs and insects.  This action may curb the number of armadillos that are attracted to your property.

Whatever action you choose, getting rid of armadillos is important because although they are generally gentle creatures, they can do a lot of property damage.  Armadillos dig like crazy!  They are little digging machines, turning up turf and flowers and whatever in order to get to the grubs, bugs and worms below.  If they happen to dig near a foundation wall or a sidewalk, the holes can actually cause structures to shift.  Not to mention the potential damage to underground pipes and utilities.

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Seen this guy around? Call a professional who knows how to get rid of armadillos.

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Trapping armadillos can be done safely and humanely.

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An armadillo trap is usually the best way to catch these unique animals.

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Our armadillo removal system will take care of your problem.

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We offer complete armadillo control.