Trapping Armadillo

A great way to get rid of pesky armadillos is to trap them.  Trapping armadillos is both safe and humane  when it is done correctly.

Sometimes the most difficult thing for an amateur who traps an armadillo is to know what to do with it afterwards.  Depending on your location, the law may restrict or prohibit the transportation or relocation of armadillos.  Some areas require that the animal be euthanized; other areas prohibit this.  If you are not familiar with the particular laws of your area, it is very possible to commit an illegal act without even meaning to.  This is just one reason why we recommend you hire a professional to trap armadillos.

A professional will likely employ several large cage traps to catch the armadillos.  The traps must be very sturdy, for an armadillo is strong enough to bend the metal rods of a flimsy, lightweight trap.  A raccoon-sized trap is about right for an armadillo.

The trap needs to be set in a location where the armadillo is likely to walk.  No bait is necessary; bait is actually not advisable because it may very well lure in a raccoon or opossum or some other non-target animal.

In addition to the cage trap, there needs to be some kind of barrier in place to funnel the armadillo toward the trap.  These animals do not see well, and will follow along the barrier to the trap.  A wall, some boards, low fencing...any of these materials will work to direct the armadillo in the right direction.

Since they are most active at night, the armadillo trap should be set in the evening and checked in the morning.  It is possible for armadillo burrows to have multiple entrances, so it is very possible not to catch it right away.  This is another reason why hiring a professional can be advantageous; they have many traps and equipment at their disposal and so can achieve a higher success rate than the average person, and in a much shorter time.

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Seen this guy around? Call a professional who knows how to get rid of armadillos.

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Trapping armadillos can be done safely and humanely.

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An armadillo trap is usually the best way to catch these unique animals.

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Our armadillo removal system will take care of your problem.

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We offer complete armadillo control.