Armadillo Burrows

Armadillos live underground in burrows.  They are powerful diggers and can remove large amounts of dirt very quickly.  Their burrows often have multiple entrances.  The animals come aboveground to look for food. 

The problem with armadillo burrows is that they can be quite destructive.  Armadillos have been known to break through underground pipes and wires.  A deep hole next to a building or wall can weaken its structural integrity.  Most people who have these animals present on their property consider them to be a serious nuisance.

Armadillos also do a great deal of damage to gardens, lawns and flowerbeds, although the damage to these areas is usually a result of rooting and foraging, not burrowing.  Armadillos regularly dig small holes in their search for worm and insects to eat.  They  go to gardens and flowerbeds when the dirt has been freshly turned, leaving dozens of holes and destroyed plants in their wake.

Our trappers can get rid of the armadillos and put a stop to the digging.  Armadillos sleep through 80% of their lives, but at Allstate we devote our time to serving our customers and assisting them with their wildlife removal needs.

Allstate Animal Control photo leaping armadillo

Seen this guy around? Call a professional who knows how to get rid of armadillos.

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Sure, they look harmless, but armadillo burrows can cause a lot of damage.

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An armadillo trap is usually the best way to catch these unique animals.

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Our armadillo removal system will take care of your problem.

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We offer complete armadillo control.