Baby Raccoons

Allstate Animal Conrol caught these five baby raccoons.

One of the main reasons raccoons enter homes is to make a den for babies.

When a raccoon takes up occupancy in an attic or chimney, it usually does so because it is looking for a den.  A hard to reach place that is warm and dry seems like the perfect haven to an animal about to bear young.  If you have a raccoon, more than likely it is a new mother or about to become one.  Your animal problem is compounded by the presence of babies.

In removing these animals, it is crucial to take the entire family at the same time.  A common mistake is to watch for the adult to leave, then seal off access so she can't get back in.  The problem with this is that the babies are left sealed inside. 

When mama returns "home" and cannot get to her babies, she gets upset.  She is a mother animal whose instincts tell her to protect her young.  She will try to rip into your home to get back to them, whatever it takes.  A raccoon in a frenzy will cause more damage to your soffits than it ever did before.

Then, as mama is running all around the roof looking for a door, the babies hear her and try to get to her.  They may wander all around the attic, trying to find her, and fall into the cavity of a wall or get lost in a mound of insulation.  In the end, you have dead animals in your house, stinking to high heaven and breeding maggots and flies.  Most of the time, the homeowner is not even aware of the babies' presence until it is too late.

When my animal removal technicians recover raccoons, we work with the mother's instincts to make her gather up her babies and get them out together.  It is important to keep control of the mother to help in this process.  This method is always better for you and for them.  Live animals are always easier to remove than dead ones (and usually less expensive, too.)

Baby raccoons have a distinct cry that is part squealing and part chattering.  They are often mistaken for birds.  A litter may have anywhere from three to seven babies, usually in the springtime, but in warm climates it could be any time of year.

Raccoon babies are danged cute, and sometimes I get requests from people who want them as pets.  This is illegal almost everywhere.  They are incredibly messy, and as a wild animal, are unpredictable and can be very dangerous.  It's better just to enjoy them in pictures.

Allstate Animal Control photo baby raccoon pulled from chimney

We can remove raccoon families from your attic or chimney.