Dead Animals

Allstate Animal Control technicians removed this dead raccoon from a crawlspace. Dead animals are a breeding ground for maggots, flies, and a host of bacteria. Not only do the remains pose a health hazard, they also create an unbelievable stench.

As a professional wildlife trapper who provides trapping, removal, and clean-up services, I come across a lot of people affected by dead animals of many kinds: skunks, raccoons, pigeons, bats, and rodents. Sometimes the dead animal is in an attic, a chimney, inside a wall, under a porch or in a crawlspace.

I recently received an email from a customer who went away from his home for a few weeks. Upon returning, he discovered a "horrible" odor that came alive only at night and was limited to two rooms in the basement, underneath the deck. I told him that could be a sign of a dead skunk decomposing there. From experience I have learned that the critters will often make their habitats out of places just like this--underneath a deck or porch, in a window well, or perhaps even a crawl space.  Sometimes the animals will fall into a window well or climb in some insulation, or a mother may den up with her young in a safe area like a crawl space.  Even worse is when the mother gets hit by a car and then leaves her babies there alone.

These places may seem like perfectly safe havens to the animals, but when they get isolated like this, it isn't uncommon for them to die right there, left to decompose where a homeowner can easily detect the horrible smell. If the animal does end up dying and is decomposing on your property, the smell will most assuredly stay and may even get worse. On average, the dead creature can take two years to decompose.

In such a scenario, the dead animal obviously needs to be found and removed. This task may not be as simple as it seems, which is why I make a business of performing such services. Not only am I a professional wildlife trapper who knows how to get rid of live animals, I also provide dead animal removal services. If you suspect that an animal has died somewhere in your home or business, give me a call. After removing the body, I also do cleanup, odor control, decontamination, and I can locate the animal's access point(s) and seal them off to prevent further problems.

As each situation is unique, you can save yourself plenty of headache by calling me today at I will care of your animal problem and give you back a normal life! Allstate Animal control removed this dead raccoon from within a walll Sometimes animals will get into an attic and from there fall into a wall cavity. When they can't get out, they die inside the wall.

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