Allstate Animal Control, attic squirrel

We can get rid of squirrels that live in your attic.

Allstate Animal Control, bat with spread wings

Getting rid of bats requires careful timing.

Allstate Animal Control, rat trap

Rat traps come in many styles, each suited for unique purposes.

Allstate Animal Control, pigeons in roof trap

Getting rid of pigeons is easy when you hire a pro.

Allstate Animal Control, raccoons in cage

Raccoon control is requested from all areas of the United States.

Allstate Animal Control, skunk cage

Skunk odors can usually be removed from textiles if you get professional assistance quickly.

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Professional Animal Control, Wildlife Trapping and Pest Bird Removal of Coldwater, Michigan - Serving Branch County

Nuisance wildlife removal is a PRIVATE SERVICE FOR HIRE available in Coldwater by Bowers Wildlife Control Inc #6338. provides wildlife removal from private homes, business, and industrial properties.

Bowers Wildlife Control Inc #6338 Call NOW!

We are professional wildlife removal operators offering animal control solutions based in Coldwater, Michigan. We pride ourselves on professional trapping services, and on quality snake, bird, and animal removal.

Bowers Wildlife Control Inc #6338 removes all sorts of wild animals, critters and birds from residential and commercial properties, including bats, snakes, pigeons, skunks, raccoons, swallows, woodpeckers, voles, beavers, and rodents of every kind. We also provide cleanup, sanitization, deodorization, and exclusion work to keep your wildlife problem from recurring, be it a colony of bats in a building, raccoons in the attic, or destructive behaviors of critters such as squirrels, gophers and pigeons. Coldwater, Michigan Residents Seek Help for Raccoon Problems

One of the things we love about our home is the abundant wildlife nearby, but some has moved a little too close. Starting several weeks ago we began seeing a raccoon on our property, particularly later in the evening. Then the noises started. I would say it sounded like ghosts in the attic, but I doubt there has ever been a ghost that thumped and crashed like this. Now there are mewing, screaming type noises. Is that baby raccoons? I am afraid we have a serious problem and I don't want to share my home with a bunch of raccoons. Can you get rid of them, or tell me what to do? Carol R.

It sounds like you have a mother raccoon with a litter in your attic. Female raccoons can be especially strong and vicious. You won't realize how intimidating a raccoon can be until you're inside a small space with one. Female raccoons produce one litter per year ranging in size from three to six young. In the wild, litters are born in a sheltered den, usually a hollow log, tree or rock crevice. Because raccoons are so common in urban areas in Michigan and other places, they often climb on houses and other buildings looking for a good place to set up a nest. Attics like yours are favorites.

We solve many types of wildlife control conflicts in Coldwater and surrounding areas. Give us a call if you need expert animal removal and/or live wildlife trapping. We can also perform an inspection of your property to evaluate the problem.

Many of the projects we solve involve raccoon families in attics and chimneys, mud swallow nests on stucco, woodpeckers drilling siding, voles and gophers destroying lawns, rats or squirrels thumping and bumping around inside walls and in attics, bat infestations, skunks stealing pet food and snakes living in crawlspaces and stone walls.

Along with physical damage and disease, wild animals also bring along disturbance and nuisance with all their noise and commotion and smell. Baby raccoons chirp and chitter like little birds; raccoons and rats will fight all night and keep people awake; skunk smell takes the cake, but have you ever smelled a dead animal in your ventilation system? We have seen much, much more than these problems, but that is a general idea of the kinds of problems that my professional wildlife removal operators and I are prepared to solve.

Not only do my technicians and I trap and remove problem wild animals, we do a lot of other dirty work, too. Don't hesitate to call us for dead animal removal, pigeon waste cleanup, bat guano removal, mouse droppings, decontamination, repairs, above ground and below ground rodent slick fencing, odor control for skunk spray, and the like. We are a full service pest control company with a wide range of animal control solutions.

I have been in the professional wildlife control business for many years. My favorite stories and experiences are removing bats from schools and churches.

For pigeon and bird control, bat removal, or relief from other pest animals, call our wildlife management experts. Many nuisance wildlife companies offer critter capture and control; our wildlife operators provide professional pest wild animal management. We remove the following AND MORE:

  • Bats from attics, eaves and belfries
  • Pigeons from rooftops
  • Swallow nests from eaves, stucco, log siding, and exterior walls
  • Voles that tear and dig up lawns and destroy root systems
  • Moles and gophers that damage golf courses and gardens
  • Mice from basements, attics, walls, crawlspaces, etc.
  • Feral cats from parks and neighborhoods
  • Raccoons from chimneys and attics
  • Skunks that damage gardens and den in crawlspaces and under porches
  • Woodpeckers that drill in stucco or cedar siding
  • Rats and squirrels from attics, yards, flower gardens, commercial and industrial property
  • Beavers from rivers, ponds and lakes

GIVE US A CALL: 269-964-3160

Need to contact a trapper outside of Michigan? Check out our nationwide referral directory of expert wildlife removal technicians to find the professional nearest you.

If you have a problem situation with a lost or stray cat, dog, or other domestic animal or pet including farm and ranch animals, contact The Branch County Animal Control Services for assistance. They work with domestic animals and can provide information about licensing, vaccinations, lost pets, etc. The county does not offer free wildlife animal control services, nor does Coldwater.

Coldwater Wild Animal Control News, Stories, Events and Alerts

Coldwater, Michigan Resident Wants to Know Why Bats Want to Live in Her Attic

Bat problems cause people, like Kathy, to ask questions like "Why do bats want to live in my attic?"

There are bats in my attic. Now I have a strange smell and some odd bugs I have never seen before in my home. I keep a clean house. Why are these animals even here? Kathy B.

Attics often make excellent bat habitat, as do barns. Attics are comparatively climate controlled, dry and safe from many predators. They are also available. Bats need only a half inch or less of space to crawl through in order to enter a building. Think of how many small cracks and spaces the average home has. Sometimes it is more than 50. There are vents, louvers, small spaces where brick meets siding or fascia. Sometimes these have not been maintained. Sometimes other animals or the weather have caused damage that provides access. All of these spaces must be located and blocked to effectively remove the bats and prevent their return.

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Allstate Animal Control attic bat in gloved hands

Here is one member of an entire bat colony that was removed from an attic.

Allstate Animal Control two raccoons removed

Raccoon removal can usually be performed by live-trapping.

Allstate Animal Control gopher mounds

It is best to initiate gopher control before the damage is severe.

Allstate Animal Control, many pigeons in a live trap

Proper pigeon control will keep the population down to a reasonable amount.

Allstate Animal Control, raccoon trap

Raccoon traps are usually very effective.

Allstate Animal Control, trapping raccoons with snare pole

Trapping raccoons requires a variety of methods. This is a snarepole.

Allstate Animal Control, skunk trap

Skunk smell can be avoided by removing the animals before they spray.

Allstate Animal Control, ground mole

It is better to get rid of moles before their molehills grow to mountains.

Allstate Animal Control, pigeon removal

Professional pigeon removal can leave your building clean again.