Woodpecker Removal

Allstate Animal Control, reflective bird deterrent
A properly installed reflector can help to discourage away nuisance birds.

Woodpecker removal can be achieved through various means.  No single method works in every situation, but there is always a way to control these birds.

Allstate Bird Control often uses scare tactics remove woodpeckers from a property.  If the woodpeckers have not been there for too long, simple scaring devices can be sufficient to drive them away.  Woodpecker removal becomes more complicated if the birds have been there for a while, because they develop habits that are hard to break.  Once they decide they like your property, they won’t want to leave.

Another way to remove woodpeckers is by using deterrents.  Visual deterrents, such as reflectors, are effective in many cases when used correctly.  We also offer taste deterrents, which are treatments that we apply to walls that make the surface unappealing.  Bird netting and other barriers can also be useful in woodpecker removal.

If you have highly stubborn woodpeckers and none of these methods work, our last resort is to kill them.  Since they are legally protected, this action requires a permit.

Remember, the sooner you start, the easier it will be to remove woodpeckers from your home or property because the birds won’t yet have formed strong habits.