Woodpecker Holes

Allstate Animal Control, woodpecker holes in stucco
Woodpecker holes are found on many types of surfaces, including stucco and siding.

Woodpecker holes are commonly found in stucco and in wood siding, but can even be found in concrete and metals.  They are highly persistent birds, and keep at the job of drilling day after day after day.

Woodpeckers create holes in the process of looking for food.  They also make cavities to nest in.  Another reason for woodpecker holes is that they simply enjoy listening to themselves drumming—they enjoy tapping and drilling, just for the pleasure it gives them.

Woodpecker holes are problematic for several reasons.  First, there is the noise associated with creating them.  Next, there is the unsightly hole itself.  Third, woodpecker holes act as doors for all kinds of critters to enter your house.  Mice and bats may use a woodpecker hole to get in, or even large creatures, such as raccoons, use woodpecker holes as a starting point to create a much larger entry into your building.  This opens up your home to much greater problems.

Allstate Animal Control can help you get rid of these nuisance birds and prevent the creation of more woodpecker holes in your property.  Our methods work, and we can create a custom plan specifically for your property and situation.

Allstate Animal Control woodpecker hole in wood siding
Woodpecker holes start small of course, but the damage can grow to be quite large.