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Poisonous Snakes

poisonous snakes

Poisonous snakes can be found in nearly all parts of the United States.  Your state is probably no exception.  While many have images of rattlesnakes in the wild west, there are many snakes in the East and South and in urban as well as rural areas.  

One young girl learned this the hard way as she was playing near her home in North Carolina.  Not even realizing there might be a poisonous snake in the area, she was not alert and stepped on or near a copperhead snake, which instantly struck her.

Fortunately her parents were nearby and got immediate medical care.  While poisonous snake bites are rarely fatal to humans, her parents were right to seek help.  The venom causes pain and swelling and can have many different complications depending on the size and health of the victim and the area bitten.  Doctors will administer an anti-venom and other treatment as needed. This girl was struck on her ankle and, other than being careful for several days afterwards, will have no long term damage.

This young girl didn’t notice any warning from the snake, but warnings often exist.  The snake will hiss, make a display and try to leave first.  But, if startled or just plain cranky, snakes can become quite aggressive. Imagine yourself just laying there, soaking up some sun, and suddenly a bare foot lands on your tail.  You would whip around and act insulted, too.

While it is tempting to play with a snake or pursue a snake, it is dangerous.  Particularly if someone has been bitten, time spent chasing the snake is time wasted away from medical care.  Don’t risk it. If you do find a poisonous snake on your property, leave it alone.  Snake removal is best handled by professionals, particularly when the snakes are poisonous.