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Non-poisonous Snakes

non-poisonous snakes

Sometimes having a snake live in your yard is a big plus—as long as it is non-poisonous.  We have a snake that lives in our backyard.  We like to sit out on the deck and watch him climb trees and sun himself on the roof of the chicken house.  It is a real treat to get a biology lesson every time we walk outside. I wouldn’t say he is friendly; he is too shy for that.  But, he definitely isn’t dangerous.

The most annoying thing this snake does is occasionally steal an egg from the chicken house.  It worries the chickens more than it bothers me, because I figure he is earning his keep.  How can a snake earn its keep?  By eating rats.  I was fighting a constant battle against rats, in the chicken house and out, before the snake moved in.  Now, I only occasionally see evidence of rat activity.  And the rats caused a lot more trouble in the chicken house than the snake does.  By the way, I know he is eating the rats because of his poop, and every time I do I want to cheer him on, “Go snake go!”

Now, I would feel different if the snake were poisonous/ venomous or was inside my house.  As friendly as I feel towards the big guy, I don’t want to wake up with him cuddled up next to me in bed looking for a warm spot.  As long as he stays outside where he belongs and continues to eat rats, I am pleased to call my snake “neighbor.“