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Snake Feces

snake feces

Snake poop.  Snake feces.  Whatever you want to call it, snakes, like all animals, make it.  Some people find it hard to imagine that snakes even poop at all, because their anatomy makes it a little hard to visualize, but snakes expel their feces through a hole near the tail end of their bodies.  

All this might sound a little dry and scientific, but snake feces is anything but dry and scientific when it is being cleaned up by a 8-year old boy who finally got his “dream pet” and now has to take care of it.  He was truly horrified to find out that snakes poop.

My son begged and begged for a snake.  “I will take care of it Dad, I promise.  Plleeaasseee!!!”  I kind of knew what was coming.  Remember I raised this boy and have loved every minute of it, except maybe changing diapers.  I figured he would probably feel the same way about poop as I did.

Plastic sandwich bags as gloves, numerous paper towels and a trash can handy for dry heaves that might not stay so dry.  Oh, yes, snake feces stinks.  A lot!

My son has learned a lot about snake poop and bio-hazard clean up.  There are so many small pieces that must be disposed of:  poop, pee, skin, food waste and all of the clean up materials, too.  None of it is nice.  My son would so love to hire a professional to clean up the pet snake poop.  What if there were a whole bunch of them living under the house?  Or in the yard? I can guarantee that my son wouldn’t dream of crawling under there and cleaning it up.  And, his father wouldn’t either.  Snake poop is gross!  It is funny to watch my son clean it up, but I can tell you that I wouldn’t take on that job. There is no way.