Raccoon Feces

Allstate Animal Control removes animals and cleans up the messes they leave behind, such as this pile of raccoon feces

Raccoons leave large, smelly droppings that are full of diseases and will stain.

Whenever a wild animal makes your home their home, contamination is an issue.  Raccoons are often characterized as repeatedly washing their cute little hands, but they are not sanitary animals.  They are carriers of many diseases which are harmful and communicable to humans and pets.

Contrary to popular belief, rabies is only one of the many health risks that can accompany raccoons.  For problems associated with their waste matter, you, your guests and your pets don't even have to be bitten to become affected.

  1. A serious risk is that of Raccoon Roundworm, which is found in their feces.  All it takes to become infected with this disease is to breathe in the spores that are in the waste product. A serious case of this disease can cause blindness.  Imagine the liability issue if this problem exists in your home or business.

  2. It has been said that Canine Distemper virus is spread by contact with bodily secretions.  Raccoons are carriers for distemper, so if you have a pet dog and even one of these critters, your dog could become ill.

  3. Do you have a swimming pool?  Raccoons love swimming pools, but not for swimming.  They like to use bodies of water as potties.  Your pool will become a huge toilet.

  4. If you have an animal in your attic or inside your walls, you will likely have staining problems.  Elimination will seep right down through the insulation into the sheetrock, and eventually show up on your ceiling.  Animal infestation reduces your property value, no doubt about it. 

If any area of your home or business has been inhabited by raccoons, you need professional clean-up.  My team and I provide this service, including the removal of animal waste products, attic insulation removal, sanitization and deodorization.  To protect the health of our technicians, we use hazmat protection for this work.  All contaminated insulation should be replaced, and your home will likely need a treatment for fleas.  Don't wait to get this type of mess cleaned up; your health depends on it.