Raccoons in Crawlspaces

Allstate Animal Control removes dead raccoons, such as these, from crawlspaces, chimneys, walls and attics.

We can get rid of raccoons that live your crawlspace.

Sometimes people think that having raccoons in their crawlspace is not that big a deal.  After all, it’s not as though the animals are actually in the house, they are just underneath it. 

It doesn’t take long to discover that a raccoon in the crawlspace is actually a serious problem.  These animals can rip up insulation, rip out or chew through electrical wiring, and of course they urinate and defecate (crap) everywhere, contaminating and smelling up the entire area.

Getting rid of such a raccoon can be difficult because the crawlspace area is small and confining, and they can move around much more quickly and easily in there than an adult human can.  Also, raccoons are wild animals and can behave viciously; being stuck in a crawlspace with a scared or upset animal with teeth and claws is an opportunity for serious injury. 

If you have a raccoon living in your crawlspace, the best option is to find a professional to remove the animal.  The worst option is to seal off the animal’s access points.  This is because you cannot tell whether all the raccoons are out of the crawlspace or not, and the odds are that there will be babies still in there that will die and rot.  Or, if a grown animal gets sealed in, it will probably panic and do great damage trying to get out.  Such a scenario usually results in the disoriented animal finding its way into the living areas of the house, either through existing ducts or gaps or through a hole it rips itself.  Raccoons are very strong, and can literally rip your home apart if they feel threatened.

A trained wildlife control operator has many techniques at his or her disposal to get rid of raccoons in crawlspaces.  We have kick-out techniques, specialized traps, and methods to persuade a mother animal to relocate her babies and herself naturally.

Don't block the raccoons in a crawlspace, they will get up into the house looking for an exit!  They can even go through wall cavities to the attic from the crawlspace, or the other direction.  They only need 4 inches to get through, and can easily find that much room in ducts and walls.
It is common for raccoons to get caught while doing this, which often results in a dead animal in your wall or ventilation ducts.  It is a smell you will not be able to ignore.

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