Raccoon Control 

Allstate Animal Control technician with a male raccoon from under a foundation

Our professional trappers offer complete raccoon control.

If you've ever had raccoons on your property, you know about the damage they can do and the need for raccoon control.  These critters are naturally messy animals, and quite nimble and strong.  They are also very dirty and carry diseases.  All these characteristics together add up to a real pest.

I get phone calls and emails every day from people who are frustrated with raccoons that just will not go away.  They are tired of putting up with these extremely persistent animals and the damage that they do.  Loud noises, the mess of their crap everywhere, destruction of property all are part of this animal's daily routine. 

Raccoons are notorious for opening trash cans and dumpsters to look for meals, scattering garbage hither and yon.  They like pet food, too, and may access your home through a pet door.  If necessary, they will be destructive to get to the goods, ripping up screened porches or enlarge a small opening into the attic or garage. 

Not only do they look for food and scatter trash, they also inflict lasting damage to property.  They may clear out your insulation, chew up the wood of your home, and rip up screens and electrical wires and everything else.  They damage lawns by peeling up newly-laid sod looking for grubs.  I have seen all these things time and time again.

On top of all this, they are associated with serious health risks which further prompt the need for raccoon control. Raccoon roundworm, a parasite that exists in their feces, has spores which are very dangerous to inhale.  They are also capable of carrying rabies. If you have one die in your attic, wall, or crawlspace, the reek of the decomposing body and accompanying maggots will make you miserable and sick.

The main reason why raccoons bother humans in the first place is that their natural habitats are destroyed.  Fields, trees, and brush are removed for subdivisions and commercial needs, which displaces these ring-tailed critters from their homes. They are very adaptable creatures and survive quite well in suburban areas, sometimes with even greater population densities than in more remote areas.  Many of my customers report that the animal seems to be very comfortable on their property and shows no sign of fear.

The key to controlling raccoons is continual maintenance to your property.  All soffits and eaves need to be kept in good repair, as well as porches and garages.  These animals are excellent climbers, and can find a small hole and make it bigger.  They are opportunists to the highest degree.

If one or more does get in, you need a professional to trap and remove it.  They can behave unpredictably at times, and will defend themselves if they feel threatened.  My technicians and I have extensive experience in raccoon control and all the equipment to do the job right.  Our services include animal removal, clean up, sanitization, deodorization, and maintenance work to prevent future invasion by these masked bandits.