Mouse Removal

mouse removal
This technician is blocking all mouse access points into the house. Mice can squeeze through tiny cracks and gaps.

Complete mouse removal is more than just setting a trap or putting out some poison.  Mouse removal done right gets rid of every trace of the animals and makes sure they don’t return.

Fear of mice is very common and not irrational.  When a person discovers their home or business has a mouse problem they can feel panicky.  People stop sleeping.  You might, if you do not fear mice, think this is funny, but it isn’t.  Mouse problems can be very serious. While mice don’t attack people, the contaminates they leave can kill.  Hanta Virus, Plague and other diseases are associated with mice and their waste.  If you have a mouse problem the only real solution is complete mouse removal including clean up of all bio hazards.

Mouse removal needs inside a building are best met with a trapping plan that will reduce the population to zero.  Once the immediate threat is removed, a complete clean up, including removal of damaged goods, feces, urine, nests and all other contaminates returns your peace of mind, knowing the environment of your home is again clean and safe.  Complete mouse removal will get rid of that “mousy smell” that pervades homes with mouse problems.  That way no one will  be able to tell you had a mouse problem. Finally, exclusion keeps future mice away by blocking access points the mice have used to infest your home.

Sleep better knowing that Allstate Animal Control has your back with complete mouse removal.  Call us for information on pricing and services available in your area.