Mouse Poison

mouse poison

Mouse poison is best used, and really should only be used, outside of homes and businesses.  People contact us all the time wanting to know the best ways to kill mice in their homes and mention poison.  Bad idea.  People have this idea that mice will eat poison, leave the house searching for water, and die outside.  It doesn’t usually work that way.  We receive calls at least weekly from people who can smell the dead mice rotting in their walls and need us to come locate and remove the carcasses.  When you purchase mouse poison in your local hardware store you need to keep that in mind.  The mice will probably expire inside the house and in the most inaccessible location possible.  Much sadder are calls from people whose pets have become sick, either from eating the poison themselves or from eating the poisoned mice.  Dogs or cats vomiting and bleeding out the eyes.  This is what happens when mouse poison is used incorrectly.

On the other hand, poison is very effective and even the best way to take care of mouse problems outside of homes.  Using bait stations or kill boxes, even very large mouse populations can be reduced to a manageable level or eliminated all together.  When you really need to get rid of a lot of mice, poison is the way to go.

The poisons that are sold in hardware stores and home centers are not the most effective.  By contacting a mouse control specialist like Allstate Animal Control you ensure not only professional grade poison or other control alternatives, but also the experience and expertise of years of practice to go along with it.  We know how, where and when to use mouse poison for greatest effect and least danger.