Mouse Bait

mouse bait

You want to catch a mouse and are looking for the best mouse bait?  You have come to the right place.  There are two basic uses for mouse bait.  One is to lure the mouse into a trap.  The other is as a poison.

A variety of mixtures of fruits, vegetables and other foods serve as effective mouse bait.  When looking for a bait, it is important to consider the type of trap being used, the location of the trap and the type of mouse you are trapping.  Placement and timing are also important.  Cheese, while highly promoted by any number of Saturday morning cartoons, is not the most effective bait available.

If you are looking to poison the mice, again there are a number of alternatives available. Some baits are loose while others are processed into bars or pellets.  Some baits or poisons are known as “single kill” and others as “multi-feed.”  This means that some are intended to work after a single feeding and others will take a while.  Either way, great care must be taken so you do not end up with a house full of dead mice, or an accidental poisoning of children or household pets or other wild animals, such as birds. 

Animal control professionals have baits and poisons that are not available “over the counter” to the general public.  Similar to prescription drugs, these have effectiveness and potency that can exceed the store-bought types.  Also, professionals know how to properly use mouse bait to get rid of mice without harming children or pets or further contaminating your home. Contact us at Allstate Animal Control for pricing information for our complete mouse control services or to purchase and learn to properly use our most effective mouse baits.