How To Catch Mice

how to catch mice

People often want to know how to catch mice.  I guess the simple answer is “get a mouse trap,” but anyone who has tried to catch mice knows that it isn’t an easy thing to do.  Well, if you really need to know how to catch mice, you have come to the right place.  Catching mice is what we do.  We catch, remove, kill and block out mice.

To catch mice you need good traps.  A variety of traps are available from simple “snap” kill traps to large population live traps.  Placement of traps is critical for success, maybe even more critical than the type of trap used.  Remember that if you use kill traps you will have to handle a mouse carcass and if you use live traps you will have to dispose of the animals.  Relocation is illegal for the excellent reasons that it rudely transfers your problem to someone else and because it spreads disease.

If poison is the best option for your situation, make sure to use a good poison.  Again, it must be correctly located and distributed to make sure the only thing poisoned is mice, not children, pets or other wildlife.

Any trapping or poison plan is intended to remove mice from a structure, not force them to move around.  If traps or poison are incorrectly applied, the mice will simply move from the now “dangerous” part of a structure to a safer location, setting up housekeeping  and continuing their chewing, pooping ways there.

Allstate Animal Control has the right professional knowledge and equipment.  We know how to catch mice and keep them from returning.  Call us today.

Allstate Animal Control photo six dead mice in traps

Six mouse traps filled with deer mice. These mice were living inside a house.

Allstate Animal Control photo dead mouse in a trap Deer mice are notorious carriers of Hauta Virus, a dangerous respiratory disease transmitted through airborne particles of mouse feces. DO NOT sweep up mouse droppings without protective equipment.