Deer Mice

deer mice

Deer mice are found mostly along foothills and mountainous areas near or in deserts, especially the Southwest.  They are called Deer Mice because they are unusually agile, more so than the common house mouse, and leap, run and climb with great speed and agility.  This disappoints many people who hoped that the name “deer mouse” somehow meant they were an outdoors species and would not come into houses.  Sadly, not true. 

These common, brown and white mice frequently come into houses, causing much destruction and frightening and upsetting people.  Deer mice can reproduce at as young as five weeks and have three or four litters per year of up to eight young each.  In addition, each mouse can live as long as 5-7 years.  Wow, that leads to a lot of mice!  Unfortunately, these mice  carry a number of dangerous and even deadly diseases:  hanta virus, lyme disease, bubonic plague and babesiosis, among others.  

Deer mice are omnivorous, which roughly means they will eat just about anything.  No food stuff is safe from them. They are also quite bold and will set up housekeeping wherever the fancy strikes them.  Insulation is nice in attics, but stuffing gnawed from a babies crib mattress will do just as well.  Deer mice poop a lot and are incontinent, leaving a trail of urine behind them wherever they go.

We can assist with deer mice control, and, especially, with bio-hazard clean up of deer mouse waste.  The dangers of hanta virus make it especially important that all deer mice control and removal projects are handled by professionals like Allstate Animal Control.