Catching Feral Cats

catching feral cats

So you have unwanted wild cats on your property and have questions about catching feral cats.  Catching feral cats in traps is relatively simple, the trick is deciding what to do next.  A feral cat is not a cute little kitty.  They are the very wild descendants of once domestic animals.  Cats revert back to being wild in a single generation and will never be “tame” if they were not handled by people regularly prior to about 2 months of age. Pound for pound they are some of the most vicious animals we handle as wildlife experts.  They hiss, claw and bite and can do those things even while in a trap.  Be very careful what you do when you have one captured.

Some people recommend covering the trap with a towel or a similar, soft item. I say to use great caution.  Cat claws go through towels like tissue paper and get to your fingers or any other body part they can reach.  A frightened, cornered animal will defend itself, even when you aren’t attacking. You must be prepared for all sorts of random violence when handling wild animals such as feral cats.  It takes experience to keep yourself and the animal safe.

That said, catching feral cats is necessary.  The cats multiply rapidly and cause property damage and distress.  Feral cats injure or even kill domestic pets and decimate song birds and other small wildlife populations.  Even in urban areas, the mess and smell of a feral cat colony is a serious problem. While Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) may be an option in some areas, the main idea is to eliminate the population and protect your property.  When we catch feral cats they are treated humanely.  Your property is cat-free and the animals no longer have to suffer from injury, starvation and disease.

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People want to get rid of feral cats because they destroy local bird populations and can be aggressive toward household pets.

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Feral cat traps must be set in such a way as to reduce the risk of catching non-target animals.

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We offer feral cat control for homes, businesses, and outdoor areas such as parks.