How to Get Rid of Bees

how to get rid of bees

While bees are amazing creatures and critical for the health of our environment, people sometimes want to get rid of them when they move to close to, or even into, their homes or businesses.

Bees provide pollination for crops and gardens world-wide and are generally very desirable creatures. But, believe it or not, instead of moving into places like Winnie-the-Pooh’s hollow tree, sometimes they choose to set up housekeeping in your walls, chimney or similar locations. When this happens it is important to get rid of the bees as quickly as possible before the hive gets any bigger, and the problems associated with removal grow right along with it.

Of course you can simply poison the bees and kill the colony. This has several drawbacks. For example, you will have several thousand dead bees and their hive or comb rotting in your walls. This can attract any number of other pests that will invade your personal space, as well as smelling bad. Also, killing bees should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Bee removal experts can assess the type of bee that has colonized your space. If the bees are true honey bees, often the colony can be removed and relocated. Even in situations where extermination is necessary, professionals provide complete removal and clean-up so the smell of the hive and animals does not attract more bees or other pests, and so your home is left clean, safe and bee-free.