Bee Control

bee control

People seek bee control when bees, generally beneficial insects, allow their “stinging” nature to get the best of them. People don’t like being threatened by a hive or colony of bees that has chosen to live too close to, or even right in, home. Professional bee control frequently allows the colony of bees to be relocated, but, no matter what happens the site will be cleaned up and your home or business restored to a safe and peaceful condition.

Complete bee control begins with an on-site evaluation to determine the type of bee involved. If the bees are true honeybees, relocation is often possible. If the insects are so-called Africanized bees, or a related species such as wasps or yellow jackets, extermination is usually the best option.

The location of the hive will determine the best control option. Hives located in chimneys have different control challenges than those located in walls and those located underground. Experienced professionals can determine the best solution for your situation.

Whether the colony is relocated or exterminated, just getting rid of the bees is not complete bee control. The hive, any dead bees, honey, comb and other waste products must also be removed. Leaving behind any reminders increases the likelihood of new bees moving into the same location, attracted by the smell of the former residents.