Beaver Repellent

Beaver Spray
There are a few beaver repellent products available in the form of chemical or organic sprays.  Our experience with these products is that they are only moderately successful and must continually be reapplied.  This process adds to up be quite expensive over time and requires continual labor to maintain.  We do not recommend this action, and we are not aware of any plants or substances that will make the animals go away permanently.

Instead of beaver repellent sprays, we recommend that our customers use our specialty products to keep beavers away from individual trees.  Our beaver fence will deter them from cutting down the trees on your property.

Beaver Fence
Beaver fencing is a metal mesh that beavers cannot chew through.  This mesh can be wrapped securely around the base of a tree.  Sometimes we also use special chemical soaked fabrics around the base of trees.  These provide a barrier and a taste deterrent to prevent the beavers from cutting down those trees. 

Beaver fences will not make the animals leave, but the trees will at least be protected.  If this method is applied to all the trees in the area the beavers will go away because they need trees to eat and to build their homes.  Often there are simply too many trees to make it practical to wrap them all, so we just wrap the ones that our customers consider most important to protect.  This form of beaver repellent is effective and need only be applied once.

Beaver Traps
The alternative to beaver fencing is to trap the animals and remove them from the site.  Our professional trappers can do this.  Call 1-888-488-7720 to schedule an inspection of your property.

beaver fence

We supply a variety of beaver deterrents such as tree fencing to keep beavers from destroying property.

beaver tree felled

It does not take long at all for a beaver to cut through a tree. We can stop beaver damage from occuring on your property.

beaver tree fence

Beaver repellents can protect your trees and valuable landscaping.