Beaver Removal

Here at Allstate Animal Control, we typically accomplish beaver removal through trapping.  This is the most effective method we have found.

Many states have laws that require either lethal or non-lethal methods to be used to remove beavers.  Our technicians use a variety of underwater and above ground traps to remove beavers and can accommodate the law in any state.

Beaver eating twigs next to a dam, drawing
(Artwork by Sharon Davis. Contact us for her info.)

Destroy the Dam?
Sometimes people try to remove beavers by breaking up their dams.  This will not stop the problem, it is only a temporary inconvenience for the beavers and will not inspire them to leave.  They will simply rebuild.  And they will rebuild quickly.

Beavers cut through trees with astonishing speed, and large trees that are here today could easily be gone tomorrow.  They also work together in families, and are quite efficient in what they do.  The expression "work like a beaver" means to work hard, work long, and not be distracted or deterred.  That is how beavers are.

How to Remove Beavers
If you need beavers removed, we suggest you either have them killed, physically removed, or blocked from accessing your property.  The first two suggestions, killed or removed, can be accomplished by trapping.  The third suggestion can be done with beaver fencing.

Beaver fencing is a heavy-gauge, metal mesh material.  It is installed around trees that need to be protected from beaver teeth.  The animals are unable to cut through the mesh, and so move on to a different tree.  This method is very successful in protecting individual trees, however it does not drive the beavers away.

beaver fence

We supply a variety of beaver deterrents such as tree fencing to keep beavers from destroying property.

beaver tree damage

It does not take long at all for a beaver to cut through a tree. We can stop beaver damage from occuring on your property.

metal beaver fencing

Beaver repellents can protect your trees and valuable landscaping.