How to Get Rid of Beaver

People with water located on or near their property are often confronted with a difficult question: how do you get rid of beavers?

Beavers are wonderful animals, but the fact is that they can cause a lot of problems with their dam-building and tree-cutting activities.  Beavers alter the flow of water, creating new wetlands and altering landscapes.  They are diligent workers and can chew through an amazing amount of timber very quickly.  For these reasons, people become concerned about flooding, trees falling onto property, and the loss of expensive ornamentals and other desirable trees.

The best way to get rid of beavers is to trap them and remove them from the site.  This method is effective and controlling beaver populations and beaver damage.  Depending on local laws, there are specific requirements about what types of traps are allowed to get rid of beavers.  In many locations, a permit or license is required.

If for some reason you do not want to trap them, there are other ways to get rid of beavers but these methods are more difficult and sometimes not as effective as trapping.  One way is to install beaver fencing around the trees that you want to protect.  This is a metal mesh that creates a barrier the animals are unable to chew through.  This method alone with not make them go away, but it works very well for protecting individual trees or clusters of trees.

Another method is to eliminate all the beavers' access to vegetation.  This can be done with fencing or other physical barriers.  Alternatively, if you wanted to get rid of all the vegetation on you r property, the beavers would be forced to leave because they would have nothing to eat or to build their dams with.

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beaver face

It is necessary to remove beavers when they alter wayerways and threaten flooding.

beaver chewed tree

Our pro trappers can stop beavers from damaging your trees and property, like this tree that was chewed in half.

set beaver trap

Traps like this one are one way to perform beaver control.

beaver on snow

Beavers are protected animals.