Bats in Tile Roofs

tile roof closeup

Tile roofs are very beautiful; they also make wonderful homes for bats.

Why do we find more bats in tile roofs than in other types of roofs?  There are many, many gaps between the tiles.  This feature allows the roof to breathe but also creates numerous little pockets of space that are just right for little animals to dwell in.  As long as they stay in the gaps between tiles they do not really cause a problem, but usually it is only a matter of time before they find a wrinkle in the tar paper and a hole in the plywood underneath, and then they have access to the interior of the building.  At this point the problem becomes much more serious, as the animals take over the attic or, worse yet, access the living space.

We have a product to prevent bats from living in tile roofs.  It is a fabric that is similar to Velcro in appearance, and we lace it in between the tar paper and the tiles.  This material allows the roof to continue to breathe properly and at the same time keeps bats from entering.  If the roof is in poor repair we may need to remove the surface material, repair the sub layers, then re-lay the tiles in order for the exclusion work to be effectual.

Another reason why we find bats in tile roofs is because the clay material retains heat and these little animals prefer warmth.  This type of roof is similar to a rock wall in that it holds in the warmth of the sun.  It creates something of a bat sauna and they love to be inside there, staying warm, hanging out (upside down) and living. 

If bats in your tile roof are a concern, we can help.  Our technicians get rid of bats, clean up the mess, install bat-proofing material and repair the roof if necessary.  We also sanitize and deodorize to make sure the job is done completely and correctly and no evidence of the animals left behind.