Bats Scratching at Walls

Allstate Animal Control, bat hanging on wall

Bats can maneuver inside walls, making scratching and squeaking sounds as they go.

If you have a colony living in your home or office, you may hear bats scratching at the walls.  This occurs for several reasons:

  • They are moving higher or lower in the building to find a more comfortable temperature.  Heat rises, cool air sinks.  Bats have a certain temperature range that is most comfortable for them, and they will move around to find a spot where the temperature better suits them.  They likely have easy access to the wall cavities from the attic and they don’t need a lot of space to maneuver around, so the walls are the perfect corridor for them to move up or down and get comfy.
  • They are disoriented. Sometimes animals get turned around and confused, particularly if something has been moved.  If there have been any alterations to your structure that changed or restricted their access points, it could easily result in disoriented, lost bats.

  • They are babies.  Baby bats wiggle and crawl around long before they learn to fly.  You may notice that many bats leave your building at night but there are still scratching sounds coming from inside the walls.  This is probably the sounds of babies waiting for their mothers to come back and feed them.  Usually they will learn to fly sometime between mid-August and mid-September.  This is the reason why it is so important not to seal off the entrances at night while they are gone; the babies left behind will die in your walls or wherever else they may be, and then you will face a bigger problem than before—the smells and hazards of dead animals.

  • They are fidgeting around.  These are just creatures that move and play and interact with each other, just like many other creatures.  They may just be inside your wall because they like it there.

If you hear bats scratching at the walls, you likely also hear squeaking and smell their musty, sweaty odor.  You do not have to live with this.  Our professional wildlife control operators can get rid of the animals, clean up the mess, make the necessary repairs, and end the sounds of bats scratching at the walls!  We have removed bats from churches, schools, offices, government buildings and homes for many years.  We know how to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back to your building.