Bat Removal

Allstate Animal Control, inspection of bat entrance and staining

An initial inspection will reveal how the bats access a structure. In this picture their entryway is clearly marked by staining from their waste products. There may be multiple "doors" to one location.

When people discover that they are sharing a structure with bats, bat removal becomes a top priority.  Unfortunately, attempting to remove bats on your own can have really unpleasant consequences.

After she followed bad advice from city and government animal control agencies and just "blocked off entrances," I got a frantic call from a woman.  She had been sleeping and felt something on her face. Thinking it was a loose hair, she brushed it away and was bitten by the frightened, disoriented bat.  It was impossible to determine whether or not the bat was rabid, and she now faced the painful and expensive ordeal of a Rabies Series ($300-700).  Yikes! I sure wish she would have called me first. Unfortunately, the city animal control agency forgot to refer her to me, the professional. She (and the bat) could have been so much happier with the help of a wild animal removal specialist. Probably the scariest thing about this story is that she is lucky to know she was bitten.  You might not believe it, but it is possible to be bitten by a bat in your sleep and not even realize it happened until serious health problems develop.

Not all attempts by individuals at bat removal will go as badly as this one, but it doesn't have to go badly at all if you aproach getting rid of bats using tried and professional methods and are very careful.  That is how professional pest removal companies like mine operate.

One of the first things you need to know about our company is that we love bats.  They are one of the most amazing animals in the world.  They are tremendously adaptable and can live in almost any environment humans can.  They are resourceful and can use a wide variety of locations for roosting (the word for bats making a home).  They are social and gather in large groups called colonies which have a complex social structure.  Most of all, they eat an amazing quantity of insects, half their own body weight in an evening, which is a great benefit to humans and all other living things (except the mosquitos).  So, don't call expecting me to kill bats .  I perform safe, humane bat removal-- a win-win situation for bats and humans-and in all cases we try to release bats back into the environment.

While I think bats are amazing, I do not believe humans and bats should share the same environment.  Some people say to not worry about removing bats; just share your space.  I don't agree.  People fear bats for a reason, and it has little to do with vampire movies. Bats are filthy.  Unless you would share your structure (home, business, school, commercial office) with rats, mice and cockroaches, you don't want to share it with bats.  Bats carry many diseases, rabies among them, and coexist with insects and bacteria that carry others.  You can become ill just sharing a space with bats because some of these diseases are airborne.  Appreciate bats out-of-doors or in bat caves.  Do not feel guilty about getting rid of bats from your buildings:  protect yourself, your sanity, your property value and the bats.

Bat removal follows a five step process.  I don't have space to give every detail here, but I will give some tips to get rid of your bat problem. 

First, when I am called on site to remove bats, I perform a complete inspection of the structure. Bats gain access through very small holes and openings less than one inch across.  You need to make a list of all accesses and be prepared to make quality repairs where needed.  Often people don't exactly have a bat problem. Rather, for example, a bird and insect problem.  Woodpeckers drill holes in the structure which also serve as access for bats.  Other creatures besides bats must be considered in a total bat removal plan. For example, raccoons, squirrels, rats, woodpeckers create entrances for bats. 

Next, depending on the time of year and other circumstances, you need to allow the bats time to leave without providing access for their return. This is a complicated and precise process and complete bat removal can take up to 10 days because not all bats leave every night. Using special equipment, both venting and trapping, I get them out. When bats are improperly displaced from their existing roost, they get disoriented and travel through the structure trying to get out or back in.   I have seen people bats in chimneys, fireplaces, kitchens and worst of all, bedrooms.

Block all access with sealants, special fabrics and bat removal vents to insure the bats cannot return.  Again, this is humane and does not involve chemicals. Modify the structure against bats. This will not negatively affect appearance.  In fact, the improvements will add quality and value to your building. If you have questions about this, call me and I can show you pictures of how we have improved many types of buildings while protecting them against bats. Remember, bat contamination can devalue your home or business 5-10% and makes it much less marketable: Would you want to buy a house infested with bats? Heck no! The expense of materials and time to prevent the loss is well worth it.

Finally, the least pleasant part:  Cleanup.  This also requires care and special equipment.  The guano (bat droppings), urine, carcasses, parasites, fungus, insects and other hazardous materials associated with colonizing bats must be removed.  It is important that you not touch live or dead bats or anything that goes along with them.  Also, as with any biohazard, respirators and even hazmat suits are required.  As a professional, that is what I use to insure my health and safety as well as the health and safety of my customers.

Do not rely on your local dogcatcher, city or county animal control service or other government officials to remove your bats.  They deal with lost dogs and other pets. Unfortunately, as they are not trained and licensed in bat removal , their advice is often incorrect and sometimes illegal.  Phone advice from animal control agencies, though it may be cheap, is not suggested.  As the woman I mentioned earlier learned, you could end up with a home full of rotting, dead bat carcasses and live bats flying loose in the house trying to find their way out. Hire a professional.

If you want more help with bat removal , you can call me any time. I can provide a phone consultation that can give you more knowledge to do it yourself.  I have assisted many people in this way and would be happy to help you. You can also e-mail digital pictures and I will evaluate the pictures and give you suggestions and professional support without even visiting your site. These services are available for a very reasonable fee. 

Better yet, if you are looking for a bat removal company, call me. I can asses your bat problem (or any other wild animal pest) with an on-site visit, consultation and complete professional services:  structural evaluation, maintenance and repair, removal, prevention, and clean up.  Job site bat inspections starts at $250, depending on your location. Do not risk other people's health or yours. I can help you get rid of bats, or any other pests that trouble you, and get back your peace of mind. 

Allstate Animal Control, bat removal

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Allstate Animal Control, safety harness used for attic bat removal

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Allstate Animal Control, bat held in gloved hands

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