Bat Problem

Allstate Animal Control, bat problem solved by barriers after venting

Small gaps like these need to be screened, caulked, or otherwise blocked off. Bat problems begin with access, and they can get in through openings of less than 1 inch.

Common bat problems include:

  • Property devaluation
  • A musty smell that permeates the entire building
  • Health risks, including Histoplasmosis and rabies
  • More bats attracted to the site
  • People are startled when they find bats in shoes or clothing

Bat problems begin when they get inside your building and take up residence there.  The best prevention for an infestation is proper maintenance of the building.  When structures weaken from age, settling, or poor construction, gaps appear.  These small, flexible creatures commonly access homes through very small cracks and openings between logs that have shrunk, unscreened attic vents, gaps between bricks, and small openings under eaves.  They need less than 1 inch to be able to access a building.

Once the animals get in, it is the property owner’s responsibility to address the bat problem.  Our technicians routinely vent these animals out of homes, schools, and churches, then seal up all the openings so they cannot return.  We offer both temporary and permanent structural modifications.

If no action is taken to get rid of the bats, the bat problem only gets bigger.  Over time, the value of the property will decline.  People living or working in the building may be exposed to health risks.  Meanwhile, the population explodes as more and more animals are attracted to the site and they reproduce.  The problem gets worse when they occasionally make their way inside and settle down in someone’s shoe or clothing, frightening the person and possibly biting him or her.  Pets are also at risk of exposure to disease.  The smell cannot be covered up, and no one likes to live with this.

Allstate Animal Control has the solution to your bat problem.  Our experienced professionals will get rid of the animals, clean up the mess, remove the odor, and perform necessary repairs to the structure to make it bat proof.