Bat Extermination

Allstate Animal Control, bat control manlift

We did not exterminate the bats this high school, but we did take care of the problem. We used manlifts and other equipment to vent the bats out and leave the school bat free.

If you are thinking about exterminating bats in your business or other building, think again.  Bats are good for the environment. Bats are protected by federal and state laws. At the same time, you have bats where you don't want them and bat extermination is sounding pretty attractive, even necessary. 

I agree that having bats in your building is not good.  You may have tried a number of different ways to get rid of them and the problem has only gotten worse.  You may be feeling desperate.  Well, you have come to the right place at last.  You can get rid of bats and you don't have to kill bats to do it. My bat control technicians and I know from extensive experience how best to remove bats safely and humanely.  Here is one recent example of our services:

A local high school with a bat problem spent 20 years trying a smorgasbord of ineffectual bat control methods.  Finally, the school faced a multi-million dollar lawsuit after a student was bitten.  The bat problem was well known.  Bat guano, closely resembling mouse droppings, but powdery, was commonly seen.  The gym had a strong, peculiar odor the school tried to pass off as unwashed, sweaty teenagers.  Bats had often been seen in various parts of the school.

The school had first tried ignoring the problem and then tried a number of different means of bat removal and bat extermination, following the advice of a range of people and institutions from the local dog catcher to the Division of Wildlife.  The problem had reached apocalyptic proportions as the colony of bats had grown to thousands of individuals.

The school was a perfect habitat for bats.  It was a tall building with lots of access points.  There were air ducts, ventilation systems, even an elevator shaft, and all needed maintenance and repair. 

We were called to perform massive bat extermination.  We informed the school district that, first, we wouldn't exterminate the bats.  Second, we could solve their problem. And, third, we weren't free (like the advice they had followed so far), but we were worth it.  Less than a week after we started the job, the school was bat free! Getting rid of the bats didn't take long, but is a complicated process which must be timed correctly and customized for each situation to produce long term benefits for the people and the bats. The clean-up of the mess of guano, urine, bat carcasses, insects, bacteria and odor took a bit longer, but, I am happy to report, the school remains bat free to this day.

There are a few things you should remember about this story.  Professional bat removal companies are not like your local dog catcher.  We are trained and experienced in changing human-animal conflict into a win-win situation where the bats get to live and the humans don't have to live with it.  Second, professional bat removal companies are not like your local pest control company.  Bats are not cockroaches or mice, and bait or poison or other dangerous chemicals are not the solution.

The only way to successfully get rid of bats on your property is to inspect the property and determine the bats' access points.  If air can flow through a space, odds are that bats can get through, too.  Bats don't just fly; they can also crawl through incredibly small holes and cracks.  Next, remove the bats from the building and seal it up, completely  blocking all access. You must be prepared to maintain and sometimes modify your building to eliminate the bats. Finally, you clean up the mess and eliminate the smell and health risks.

While I personally like bats, I understand your frustration and desire for bat extermination.  Bats are hazardous and should never be in a public setting. Do not live with bats.  Do not attempt to exterminate them yourself.  Either way, you face risk and liability.  Protect your assets.  Protect your health. Call me for an over the phone conversation about your bat problem, or e-mail me pictures of your concerns and I can help you for a very reasonable consultation fee.  For complete peace of mind, let's schedule an on-site inspection.  I will create a customized plan for your unique bat situation.  By hiring a professional, you can insure that you protect your property and your health and that the bats can live to do their job. 

Allstate Animal Control,  rip up ridgeline to get to bat entrances

Structural modifications may be necessary to effectively get rid of bats.

Allstate Animal Control, ridgeline bat access

Bats accessed this home through gaps under the ridgeline.

Allstate Animal Control, ridgeline bat exclusion

We screened the entire ridgeline of this house.

Allstate Animal Control, ridgeline rebuild

Bat exclusion is the only way to achieve a permanent solution.

Allstate Animal Control, fully repaired ridgeline

The ridgeline, fully repaired.