Bat Droppings

Allstate Animal Control, bat droppings guano sized by pen
Here you can see bat droppings sized by a pen.

Bat droppings (guano) are very dangerous to humans.  They looks similar to mouse droppings, but when touched they break apart into a powdery substance.  This powder then becomes airborne, and once inhaled it can cause a terrible respiratory disease called Histoplasmosis. 

Histoplasmosis is the most severe danger of bat droppings, but disease is not the only risk.  It has a unique smell to it which over time will permeate a structure.  Also, guano and urine will cause staining and contamination of walls, ceilings, and insulation.

Our wildlife removal services include getting rid of bats and also cleanup of bat droppings and contamination.  We have protective clothing and respiratory devices that enable our technicians to do this work safely, with minimal exposure to airborne disease.  We have done clean-up jobs where the guano was up to our knees, and we know how to do this work correctly.  Our technicians can remove the bat guano and any contaminated material, replace insulation, and perform some repairs.  We also deodorize affected areas. 

Remember, do not eat or breathe bat droppings or allow pets or children to touch it.  It is a hazardous material and the risk of exposure to disease is high.  We can restore your home, office, or church building to safety from this waste product and ease your mind from the worry that anyone will be harmed from exposure to it.

Allstate Animal Control, bat droppings

Bat guano (droppings) accumulate over time. They are smelly and cause respiratory problems.

Allstate Animal Control, bat staining

Eventually, the bats will cause staining.

Allstate Animal Control, bat guano

Bat droppings are small and powdery.