Barnes Wildlife Control LLC
Jacob Odel Barnes

            Barnes Wildlife Control LLC was started as an official business by Jacob Barnes just over 5 years ago.  Having been trapping, hunting, and fishing his whole life it seemed like the perfect fit.  Jacob got his real start into the business aspect of wildlife control after purchasing his own farm and running into some problems with the local wild animals.  As he slowly got better at locating and trapping the nuisance animals, word got around and other local farmers and homeowners started to call asking for his help.  From there, the business grew and took root. 

            Now, the family run business provides top notch services at extremely competitive rates.  With the motto: “Do what you say you’re going to do”, Barnes Wildlife Control stands by their work and does everything they know how or can imagine up to solve the wildlife problems that they are presented with.  When their technicians come into a home, property, or building, they’re there to get the job done.  It takes a very unique person to fill the shoes of a wildlife technician, and Barnes Wildlife Control knows that.  Every new technician is individually trained to handle a variety of wildlife problems as soon as they’re hired; and even after they have the job they receive constant training and performance reviews.

            Barnes Wildlife Control is a hardworking, trustworthy company that believes firmly in not quitting on a project; even if that means spending hours probing a lawn or weeks cleaning all the guano out of a church attic, they are there to help their customers.  They do the job right, and if something goes wrong they do their best to fix it.  They are constantly coming up with new solutions to unique problems, a skill that is required in the wildlife control business.  Barnes Wildlife Control is a company that wants to help, they give 110% to their work and their customers; a must have quality in any line of business.  Along with all forms of wildlife that are legal to trap and work with, they also work in honeybee rescue and relocation and several forms of pest control.  For more information on the company or for help with a wildlife problem, please contact the number above.

1800 North Sayers Road
Troy , OH

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